Safe travel advices

Some safe travel advices :

  • Traveller in wheelchair : our shuttle welcomes you on board but only has one place for a wheelchair (manual or electric max 300kgs). Before travel please call +33 5 77 58 78 or send us a mail to book your place.
  • Plan enough time between your correspondences. The traffic and its hazards are parts of the journey. The shuttle may take a little more time than planned to connect the airport and the station.
  • Travel smart, book and buy your tickets in advance on our E-Shop.
  • Think to label your luggage with your address and phone number, so we can easily contact you in case of loss or other !
  • 50 € banknotes are not accepted as a way of payment on board, do not worry, credit cards are accepted (except American Express) !
  •  Fasten your seat belt, during your journey, safety is important !
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